7 Safe Ways to Shop on the Internet in Pakistan

 Here are seven key pointers in moving forward with online shopping.

Experts say that while there are advantages to online shopping, there are also risks. To avoid them, it is important to take care of the following:

According to CNN Arabia, experts say that people who are shopping online should take care of 7 things.

Satisfy the protocol of secure transfer of money before the process of online payment or entry of personal information. Customers must check their browser frequently. The link starts with https. Don’t be limited to http at the beginning of the link. Lastly, the letter (s) is a guarantee of a secure and secure website.

Keep an eye on the network when shopping. Enter the credit card number or personal information only when you are connected to the Internet. Failure to do so could lead to hacking.

The app and commercial centers should also be checked before the shopping process. It is important to satisfy the commercial center before handing over the payment information.

Also beware of fraud through SMS. Fraud is being perpetrated through this method in recent times. In this regard, always keep in mind that law enforcement companies will never ask you for your personal information via SMS or email. They will never ask for payment information or usernames or passwords or social security numbers.

The fifth important piece of advice that experts have given is that mobile devices are protected by access tokens. Mobile access tokens must be activated when shopping online.

Be sure to update your computer’s operating system when shopping online.

Shop online with a credit card. Not via ATM card. Credit cards are becoming more secure when it comes to online payments.

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