How to buy Google Play Console account in Pakistan 2022

Busying google play console account in Pakistan is not easy but as in this article, it will be explained that how you can pay google play console account by using your debit and credit cards from any bank. You just have to follow the instructions to pay google for you play console account.

What is Google Play Console Account?

Google Play Console Account is basically an account which you can buy by using your debit card or credit card as well as PayPal. When you bought this account from google you will be allowed to registered you or your company as develop. This account is also called developer account. You can upload your Android application on this account that will appear on playstore.
Now People also asks in Pakistan, “How to upload our android apps on Google Playstore?”

How can we upload our Android apps on Google Playstore in Pakistan

To upload your android applications on Playstore is very easy all you have to do to buy the Google Play Console account and you are good to go to upload your applications on Playstore but you are not allowed to upload wrong or illegal applications on Playstore in this case your applications will be deleted from Google playstore.

Earn Money by Uploading Android apps on Google Playstore in Pakistan

Most of the people are curious that is it possible to earn money from Google Playstore by uploading your android application and the answer is yes anyone can develop an can upload the app on Playstore and by using advertisement implementation in app, you can earn money.

How much you have to pay to buy Google Play Console account

There is a fee which is 25$ that you have to pay to Google and this is a one time payment that you have to pay.
You can upload unlimited applications on your account but your applications should have to follow the terms and conditions as well as privacy policy of Google Playstore.

Debit Cards and Credit Cards that are accepted by Google Playstore in Pakistan

All banks in Pakistan provide their ATM Cards but when you apply for ATM cards you have to say to the banking agent to order a Master Card or VISA Card. Google Play Console account only accepts Master cards and also Visa cards by which you can pay to google to buy the account.
Note: If you are directly paying the google play console to pay your 25$ dues then you can not do so as your Banks will not allowed you to pay your fee but when you call your banking agent to open the services to pay the fees online. They will asked you to allow your online international transactions for 1 day and you will be responsible. You have to say yes and Now you will be able to pay Google.

Steps to Buy Google Play Console Account in Pakistan:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Sign in with your e-mail
  3. Then you have to fill the information
  4. When it will be asked to Enter your Card’s information
  5. You have to fill it out and call your banking agent to allow you to make this transaction to google
  6. Banking agent will allow you to pay your fee within a day
  7. Online transactions to google or internationally will be allowed for one day
  8. After this you can pay your fees
  9. Congratulations, You are now owned a Google Play Account

Conclusion: Buy Google Play Store Account in Pakistan

In this article, it is explained that you can upload your android applications on google playstore by buying Google Play console account using your debit cards and credit cards and when you have to buy this account the Master Cards and Visa cards are acceptable.

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