How to Edit Cricket Ball Light Glowing Effect Video Editing

Happy days, content makers and cricket enthusiasts! Have you ever wished to give your cricket videos a little something extra to set them apart from the competition? You only need to look at specialist video editing software made to provide eye-catching effects like illuminated cricket balls. This comprehensive analysis dives into these programs’ world, examining their features, advantages, and potential to improve your cricket video editing skills.

What is How to Edit Cricket Ball Light Glowing Effect Video Editing?

Cricket fans looking for apps with certain features use the search term “How to Edit Cricket Ball Light Glowing Effect Video Editing” rather than the app itself. These apps enable users to add a dynamic glowing effect to the cricket ball in their videos, satisfying the increasing demand for visually attractive cricket entertainment. This effect makes the cricket ball look better, especially when it comes to important events like deliveries, sixes, and wickets.

How How to Edit Cricket Ball Light Glowing Effect Video Editing Work

The core functionality of these apps revolves around applying and customizing the glowing effect on the cricket ball within your video footage. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process:

  1. Import your video: Begin by importing the desired cricket video clip into the app.
  2. Locate the glowing effect tool: Most apps offer a dedicated section for adding glowing effects. Look for options specifically designed for cricket balls.
  3. Customize the effect: Unleash your creativity! Adjust settings like intensity, color, and duration of the glow to achieve the perfect visual impact. Real-time preview features allow you to see your edits instantly, ensuring you get the desired look.
  4. Enhance further (Optional): Numerous apps offer extra capabilities to improve your video. Examine your options for overlays that you can place on the ball to create a more striking impact. Further customization is also possible with basic editing capabilities including cropping, cutting, and adding text or artwork.
  5. Export your masterpiece: Once satisfied, export your video in your preferred format and resolution, ready to be shared and enjoyed by cricket fans worldwide.

Features of How to Edit Cricket Ball Light Glowing Effect Video Editing 

Now, let’s delve deeper into the specific features offered by these apps:

  • Glowing Effect Customization:
    • Intensity Control: Adjust the level of light emanating from the cricket ball. A subtle glow can enhance visibility, while a more intense glow creates a dramatic effect.
    • Color Options: Experiment with a wide range of colors for the glow. Choose vibrant colors to grab attention or match your video’s overall theme.
    • Duration Control: Fine-tune the duration for which the glowing effect appears. You can have the glow last throughout the entire clip or only during specific moments for maximum impact.
  • Real-time Preview: This invaluable feature allows you to see your edits reflected in the video as you adjust the settings. This ensures you achieve the exact glowing effect you envision before finalizing your edits.
  • Overlay Options: Expand your creative horizons with a library of overlays. These can be anything from fiery trails for fast deliveries to explosive bursts for boundaries. Experiment with different overlays to find the perfect match for your chosen glowing effect and video style.
  • Essential Editing Tools: Go beyond the glowing effect with built-in editing tools. Trim or crop unwanted sections of your video, add text or graphics to highlight key moments, and personalize your content further.
  • Flexible Export Options: These apps cater to diverse sharing needs. Choose from various video formats and resolutions depending on your upload platform or desired quality.

Software Options:

There are various editing programs that can pull off the glowing ball effect. Popular choices include:

  • Alight Motion (for mobile)
  • KineMaster (for mobile and desktop)
  • After Effects (desktop)

The specific steps might differ slightly depending on the software, but the general process remains similar.

Sound Effects for Shots:

Sixer Shot Sound Effects:

Shot Missed Sound Effects:

Wicket Out Sound Effects


Steps to Achieve the Glowing Ball Effect:

  1. Import your footage: Load your cricket video clip into your editing software.
  2. Duplicate the clip: Create a copy of the video clip.This copy will be used to isolate the ball for the glowing effect.
  3. Isolating the Ball (Keyframing): This is where the magic happens! You’ll use keyframes (markers in the timeline) to define the areas you want to manipulate. Here’s a common approach:
    • Use the chroma key or mask tools to remove everything except the cricket ball in the copied clip.
    • You might need to adjust these tools frame-by-frame to ensure only the ball remains throughout the clip.
  4. Adding the Glow: Once you have the isolated ball clip:
    • Add a blur effect to the ball to create a soft outer glow.
    • Play around with the blur intensity and feather settings to achieve the desired glow size and softness.
    • Consider adding an outer glow effect on top of the blur for a more pronounced glow. You can adjust the glow color to match the stadium lights or create a unique effect.
  5. Animate the Glow: To make the glow dynamic, use keyframes to adjust the blur and glow intensity throughout the clip. This can create a pulsating or growing glow effect, mimicking the intensity of a real glowing ball.
  6. Blending the Glow:
    • Overlay the glowing ball clip on top of your original video clip. Adjust the opacity and blending mode of the glowing ball layer to seamlessly integrate it with the background.
  7. Fine-tuning and Export:
    • Refine the timing and intensity of the glow effect to match the action in your video.Google Search didn’t find relevant content. Consider researching further to assess the statement.
    • Add sound effects like a whoosh or electrical zap to further enhance the glowing ball impact (optional).
    • Export your final video and share your cricket masterpiece!

Additional Tips:

  • Search for video tutorials on “YouTube” specific to your editing software for a more visual walkthrough.
  • Experiment with different colors and intensities for the glow effect to create unique styles.
  • Consider adding slow-motion effects to specific moments where the ball is glowing for a more dramatic impact.



Cricket videos are now getting viral on TikTok. I hope you got this article is helpful to you. You got learn HDR in application to a video and also the sound effects that are trending social media.

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