I was not divorced, I divorced myself, Nimrah Khan

 Girls who are abused after marriage should bear as much as they can, actress

 Leading actress Nimrah Khan has revealed many things about her failed marriage. “I used to think that I shouldn’t talk about it and cover it all up as much as possible, but we all know about the life of the artist, so now I talk about it openly,” he said. I am

Nimrah Khan advised the girls that those who are abused by their husbands after marriage should bear as much as they can and take immediate action when their endurance is exhausted. Let parents know.

The actress said that parents should also support their daughters and if anything is wrong with them, they should support their daughters and if they want to separate after khula, they should also support them.

“I give a very hard and very bad time. I can’t tell everyone what happened to me, what happened today, what happened a month and a half later, because our people like to see our smiling face, people are crying,” he said. They do not accept faces, and no one should give their weakness or people take advantage. Referring to Noor Muqaddam, the actress said that if girls do not dare and their parents do not support them, they are killed like Noor Muqaddam. If someone shoots, then someone kills his wife in some other way.

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