PSL Cricket HDR Videos and Sound Effects By APK2Room

PSL Videos HDR effects Salman VFX

PSL Cricket HDR Videos are very trendy these days and when it comes to Cricket videos. Everyone is using HDR effect. You may have watched the videos with Sound effect on Sixer shot.

You can find here in the article, the application and all of the sound effects. You can freely use them into your videos.

PSL Cricket HDR Videos and Sound Effects By Salman VFX

On TikTok, people are creating amazing videos on cricket shots. As Our country is cricket lovers and many of you want to create a account related cricket videos. So here you will find application to apply HDR effect and also the sound effects that are used on shots.

Sound Effects for Shots:

Sixer Shot Sound Effects:

Shot Missed Sound Effects:

How to add HDR effect and Sound Effect:

Guys you have to follow the steps to use the template:
  1. Open the app from this article
  2. After that start project with a cricket video
  3. Then Fx and select HDR and apply to whole video
  4. Aftert that you can add sound effect of six.
  5. That’s it.

App for Android

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App for iPhone

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PSL videos are now getting viral on TikTok. I hope you got this article is helpful to you. You got learn HDR in application to a video and also the sound effects that are trending social media.

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