Thor Sky Lightning video editing background by APK2Room

There is a sky video background which is viral on TikTok. Everyone wanna find it out on TikTok so In this article you will get the TikTok Trending Sky video editing background by salman vfx which is copyrighted free material that will be provided. You can easily download it from the button below.

Thor Sky Lightning background By Salman FX

Thor Sky Lightning video editing background by salmanvfx is the latest free video background which is a sky for editing so you can change the sky of your video and that can be easily change by using several applications like VN editing app and CapCut app these are video editing applications. This is copyright free background video wallpaper is available for every one because it’s free of cost wallpaper video new background HD.

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How to change the sky of a video: Best sky changing app

You all have to get the app named as VN App. It is freely available on both platforms as it can be downloaded on iPhones and Androids also it is available on Appstore and playstore. It is very basic app which can be easily used and It has amazing and easy user interface that will not confuse you.
So let me start how to change the sky of your video by using VN App for free.
  1. Import your Video in VN App
  2. Now go to that point where you wanna change the sky
  3. Now split the video from that part
  4. That video which you have to use to change sky forward it to upper layer
  5. Click on the below layer and select and then replace.
  6. Replace it by selecting your Sky video
  7. Now select the upper video layer’s video
  8. Go to chroma key and select the sky color
  9. The sky will be changed with your background sky
  10. Export it!

Conclusion: Thor Sky Lightning background for video editing by salman vfx

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