Why does anger come and how to control it?

 We all know that anger is a human action that comes to all of us but when it grows or becomes difficult to control it causes trouble.

According to a study published in Al-Rajal Magazine, whether it is having trouble working or getting angry in personal relationships with others, there are ultimate disadvantages.

What are the causes of anger?

According to experts, before thinking of appropriate ways to control anger, it is important to know what causes it.

So the best and most appropriate way is to know the causes of the problem before knowing the ways to overcome it so that the problem can be eradicated. Reasons for anger can be divided into two parts.

1- External causes: Anger is usually the result of external causes such as a problem in the workplace, office, etc. or as a result of disagreement with a servant.

 2- Internal causes: Anger can also be caused by internal causes such as anxiety, or long wait. Because these kinds of feelings cause anger.

 However, whatever the cause of the anger, the person chooses the appropriate way to express his anger according to the environment. Everyone’s way of expressing anger also varies according to the nature of the environment.

When angry, people face these three situations: either express, or suppress, or try to calm down.

Feelings of anger should be expressed in a clear manner, not in an aggressive manner. Anger can be suppressed, that is, it can be controlled, but the danger is that it can cause internal problems, such as high blood pressure or an illness.

The ultimate way to control or control anger is to control both internal and external causes.

According to experts, whenever you get angry, take a deep breath, relax, and use good words.

Method 1 Deep Breaths: When trying to take deep breaths, try to slowly repeat relaxing words, such as calm down, relax.

Method 2 Easy Exercises: Try simple exercises like yoga to relax your muscles.

This technique does not require much time and effort as it is very simple. So make sure you follow them on a daily basis so that you can act on them when you are angry.

For example, you may think that my anger is not good.

Method 3: Problem Solving

Sometimes anger is justified because there are real problems in our lives that cannot be avoided. So the response to these problems is understandable, and so is the solution to the problem. But don’t put the burden on yourself that all problems are always solved.

Method 4: Improving Communication with Others

Try to understand why others get angry and then share it with them.

 Method 5: Change the environment around you

 Set aside some time during the day for yourself as it is important.

Method 6: Resolving issues in different and innovative ways

According to experts, there are three ways that can help change your reaction to a situation.


 According to experts, it takes a lot of hard work to control anger and you may face failure in the process but it is necessary.

This will help you to maintain good relationships with others and will also enable you to maintain your health and handle situations properly.

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