How to avoid migraine headaches?

 Migraine headaches are also called migraines. Because of this, a person loses the ability to work and delays in work and fatigue in life.

According to Sidti Magazine, half of the headaches are not caused by cerebral palsy or bleeding. Before puberty, boys and girls have the same amount of migraine. Migraine symptoms do not change with age.

Migraine is also a type of migraine that is associated with menstruation in women.

Women get it before, during and after menstruation. This pain usually goes away after the menstrual period ends.

Dr. Kellen Jadam, a psychiatrist and neurologist, says that half of the headaches are in the forehead or in the right or left half of the brain or around the eyes.

The area where the pain occurs becomes heavier. Symptoms include nausea and / or vomiting. Migraines can be controlled with medication, but overuse of these pills is dangerous.

Use of teramine

Causes of migraines include bright light, loud noises, odors, skipping meals, insomnia, and foods that contain teramine, such as soy sauce and sauce.

Some women get headaches from certain types of food such as fried foods, in contrast some women are not affected by the same food.

Four stages

There are four stages of migraine: before the pain, the initial onset of the pain, during the pain and after the pain.

In this context, Dr. Kellen Jadam explains these steps. According to him, the patient goes through these four stages, the last two of which are more dangerous.

The details of these steps are as follows:

1: Before the pain, the sufferers suffer from severe fatigue and hunger. Painkillers are used to get rid of it, especially when the condition is due to menstruation.

2: The onset of pain lasts from a few minutes to an hour. If it lasts more than an hour, the brain can be paralyzed. The symptoms are that the patient has difficulty seeing, he begins to see dark spots.

3: After the onset of pain, the above mentioned symptoms disappear.

4: After the pain, the patient feels severe fatigue and loss of ability to think.

Treatment with Botox

There are many recipes for treating migraines. Dr. Kellen Jadam has given his details.

Medicines that are used to treat other diseases. However, experiments have shown that they are also beneficial for migraine headaches and relieve patients.

In addition, there are new treatments that specifically reduce the disease and give effective results, such as Botox injections once every 6 months.

Ways of prevention

To prevent this, every patient should find out the triggers of the headache so that they can be avoided.

For example, if a particular type of food causes a headache, it should be avoided. If a person has a headache due to eating during the day, he should change the times and eat at certain times. In addition, avoiding the stench that exacerbates the disease, controlling stress and drinking plenty of water can also prevent migraines.

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