Body language, that explain everyone’s personality

 There is no denying the importance of language but there is also a language which is called body language.

According to Al-Rajal magazine, it has to do with emotions. Body language is familiar to everyone today and it has been recognized globally.

Every part of the human body says something. Experts say that the human eye tells a lot, while the specific organs of the body also tell a lot.

Body language experts say that although the movements of the body parts vary from region to region and country to country, there is a great deal of similarity between them which makes it easy to understand and learn this art.

Options and body language

The use of body language is of paramount importance to those in power. People who are physically strong have a greater sense of power. They are aware of this power and use it in different ways as they stretch their arms and legs.

Such people, subconsciously under the influence of their power and strength, often place their hands behind their necks and sit with their legs on the table.

Gestures and body language

It has been generally observed that teachers use body language more, which is very helpful in memorizing and thinking, i.e. students understand the real purpose of their teachers by memorizing these gestures.

This can sometimes distract students, but it does not mean that those who do not use body language can be more useful.

Body language history

The Romans and the ancient Greeks began to understand the signs of the body language and began to understand it as a language.

Aristotle and some philosophers have also recorded their observations in this regard in which different ways of describing different personalities have been recorded.

In the beginning, the Romans had long ago understood that much could be known and understood from mere gestures and gestures, as well as from the words that came out of the mouth.

The importance of body language in education

It is also a fact that teachers sometimes use a variety of physical movements to influence their students so that they become aware of the quality and abilities of their students.

The importance of body language at work

It is important that you use your body language correctly at work. Your posture and posture should be balanced, sitting upright in a chair with a relaxed nature, and having equal contact with your peers.

Listen carefully to what others have to say and control your facial expressions and do not express anger immediately.

The importance of body language in communication

Body language is very important for communication and through it you can pass on to others in a matter of moments something that is not usually possible by speaking. Just by staring, your competitor understands that nothing more can be said.

The movement of the face and the opening and folding of the hands are considered to be very much to the competitor, which sometimes saves the person from getting into a long discussion and you can convey your real point to others in a matter of moments.

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